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Model: Voltage regulator,   Power supply control IC,   Comparator,   OP Amplifiers,   Audio Power amplifiers, Telecommunication circuitsMotor control ICPower MOS,  Radio and cassette recorder circuitsTelevision - Interface driver and Hall IC,  Power factor - Sound Alarm - Leakage current - Voltage detect and system reset- Remote controlLogic ICVideo and LED IC.

Radio and cassette

Description Package
 7642 1-Chip AM Radio Circuit TO-92
A6043 fm stereo multiplex SIP-9
CXA1191 1-Chip AM/FM Radio Circuit DIP-28, SOP-28
 KA22241 Dual Equalizer Amplifier With ALC SIP-9, SOP-14
 KA22427 1 Chip AF/FM Reception Circuit DIP-16
LAG665F 1-Chip Stereo Tape Recorder With Motor Speed Controller SOP-28
LAG668 1-Chip IC for Headphone Stereo SOP-28
 TA2003 AM/FM Reception Circuit DIP-16, SOP-16
TA7342P pll fm stereo multiplex SIP-9
TA7343AP fm stereo multiplex decoder SIP-9
TA7358P fm front-end SIP-9
TA7613AP 1-Chip AM/FM Reception Circuit DIP-16
TA7640AP AM/FM Tuner System (Low Voltage) Signal-terminal-type output Circuit DIP-16
TA7668BP Dual Pre-Amplifier For Tape Recorder DIP-16
TA7738P Amplifier System For Cassette Tape Recorder DIP-16
TA7784P dual pre-amplifier for auto-reverse DIP-16
TA8127 1 Chip AM/FM Tuner Circuit SSOP-24, SDIP-24
TDA7088 FM Reception Circuit for Battery Supply SOP-16
TDA7088 FM Reception Circuit for Battery Supply SOP-16
 U7313 audio processor IC DIP-28,SOP-28