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Model: Voltage regulator,   Power supply control IC,   Comparator,   OP Amplifiers,   Audio Power amplifiers, Telecommunication circuitsMotor control ICPower MOS,  Radio and cassette recorder circuitsTelevision - Interface driver and Hall IC,  Power factor - Sound Alarm - Leakage current - Voltage detect and system reset- Remote controlLogic ICVideo and LED IC.


Description Package
LM339 Quad Single Supply Comparator DIP-14, SOP-14, TSSOP-14
LM393 Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator DIP-8, SOP-8, TSSOP-8
 LMV393 dual general purpose, low voltage, comparators DIP-8, SOP-8, MSOP-8
TS391/A/B/C low power single voltage comparator SOT-25SOT-353