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  Sort Part No. Description Brand Case Volt Amp Qty Price US$ Price(1) B$ Price(10) B$ Price(500) B$
  RN1004 750-80000-1TR RN1004 TOS TO-92    00.02890.900.800.72
 RN1102 750-80050-5TR RN1102 [SOT323] TOS SOT-323    1,0000.02890.900.800.70
 RN1202 750-80100-1TR RN1202 TOS TO-92s    1,0000.02890.900.800.75
  RN1204 750-80110-1TR RN1204 TOS TO-92s    00.03531.101.000.90
 RN1205 750-80115-1TR RN1205 TOS TO-92    2900.648420.2018.3016.47
 RN1206 750-80125-1TR RN1206 TOS TO-92s    1,0000.03211.000.900.81
  RN1226 750-80150-1TR RN1226   TO-92S    00.02890.900.800.70
 RN1241 750-80181-1TR RN1241 TOS TO    100.02890.900.800.72
 RN1401 750-80185-1TR RN1401 [SOT23] TOS SOT-23    1,0000.02890.900.800.70
  RN2202 750-80208-1TR RN2202 TOS TO-92s    00.03211.000.900.80
 RN2203 750-80210-1TR RN2203 TOS TO-92s    1,0000.02250.700.600.54
  RN2204 750-80231-1TR RN2204 TOS TO-92s    00.02890.900.800.72
 RN2209 750-80260-1TR RN2209 TOS TO-92s    1,0000.02250.700.600.54

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